Authority prepares for aerial baiting of yellow crazy ants

Helicopter baiting for yellow crazy ants
Photographer: Gareth Humphreys

Date published: 3rd May 2017

The Wet Tropics Management Authority will start aerial baiting for yellow crazy ants in remote infestation sites across Cairns next week.


The two-day baiting period - starting Monday - covers forested areas behind Bentley Park, Mt Peter and in sugarcane fields at Edmonton.


A further 15-hectares at Russett Park near Kuranda will also be baited.


The treatment, conducted three times a year, spreads granules of ant bait over infested areas in and around the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.


Executive Director Scott Buchanan says The Authority’s Yellow Crazy Ants Eradication team has started ground baiting this week while continuing to survey infested areas.


“Reports from some of our surveyed sites have been really encouraging,” Mr Buchanan says.


“We’re confident that we’ll be able to declare two infested sites at Edmonton fully eradicated by the end of the year.”


The helicopter will not drop bait directly over residences, but there may be instances where the pilot will approach will approach within 10 metres of suburban property boundaries or rural buildings. As required by the Civil Aviation Order 20.21 Instrument 2015, the Authority is notifying residents prior to conducting the aerial treatment.  


Aerial baiting is highly dependent on the weather and the treatment dates may change unexpectedly. Any updates and information will be posted on our website, throughout the treatment process to keep you up-to-date.


If you have any objections to the use of the helicopter to treat for yellow crazy ants as proposed above, please register your objections with the Wet Tropics Management Authority in writing to Alternatively, for further information you can contact us directly on 4241 0525.


The Eradication team aims to return to treatment of affected residential properties in July.


Ground baiting is expected to continue through till the end of the month with field officers targeting residential areas in Bentley Park and Edmonton.

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