Enjoy safely and responsibly

Special place... special behaviour

Part of the job of the Wet Tropics Management Authority is to protect the World Heritage Area so that it will remain as it is now for future generations to admire.

It’s also our role to help you enjoy your visit; that's part of what managing a living resource is all about: protection and preservation balanced with minimal impact enjoyment and education.


Ten helpful tips:

  1. Rainforest Aboriginal people ask that you respect their land, culture and privacy and wish you a safe visit to their country.
  2. Please remove your rubbish. Rubbish bins are not always provided. This is a way of ensuring that animals do not rummage through the bins.
  3. Resist the temptation to feed wildlife – it harms them and they learn to associate people with handouts and can get aggressive when they don’t get what they want.
  4. Please take care on the roads; animals don’t understand the dangers of traffic.
  5. Please take only photographs and leave only footprints. Removing animals and forest products from our beautiful protected areas (and selling them) is a criminal offence with very substantial fines.
  6. Drive carefully in the Daintree, Mission Beach, Kuranda and Wallaman Falls area.  Vehicles are the main cause of cassowary deaths.
  7. Injured Wildlife Hotline ‘1300 ANIMAL’ is a 24 hour RSPCA hotline in partnership with QPWS.
  8. Only camp at approved sites.
  9. Leave your pets at home.
  10. Beware of the Stinging Tree - DO NOT TOUCH IT! Seek medical assistance if you come in contact with it.


Pre book your campsite

Camping in Queensland’s parks and forests requires a permit and fees apply. There is usually high demand for camp sites in many parks and forests during peak times like school holidays and long weekends, so it is advisable to book your camp site well in advance for these times.


Going remote

Travelling along remote roads and walking tracks in the World Heritage Area can be both a rewarding and a risky experience. Sudden and extreme rainfall events can swell creeks into impassable torrents and wash out roads.

Fast growing vines and prickly wait-a-while can smother trails in a matter of months, and thick rainforest can make navigation very difficult. 

The Wet Tropics area is a very safe place to visit however there are still aspects to travelling here that you should be aware of - most of them are environmental. So before you set out on your camping trip, a swim at the beach or a bushwalk, familiarise yourself with some local knowledge.

Before you leave home check Park Alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.


Safety tips

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. Use common sense and you'll enjoy your visit.

  • Don’t swim near river estuaries or where you see a crocodile warning sign. Remember… if it looks like a croc might live there, it probably does.
  • Wear light cotton clothing, sunscreen, hat and shoes.
  • Carry plenty of water, insect repellent, and a basic first aid kit.
  • Stay on tracks. Don’t take shortcuts. It is very easy to get lost. Search parties can take days to find you.
  • Take care near water. Avoid slippery surfaces and fast flowing water. Beware of submerged rocks and logs, currents and waterfalls.
  • Don’t eat bush tucker – it could be poison. Bring your own food.
  • Some visitor sites are remote and underdeveloped – be prepared for limited facilities.
  • Don’t rely on mobile phone reception to get you out of trouble.  North Queensland is a very big region and there are still phone black spots where you will have no use for your trusty mobile.
  • Check the current and forecasted weather conditions, in the tropics things can change quickly.


Make the most of your time

Useful contacts


000 or 112
Digital / satellite mobile phones

Department of Community Safety
UHF CB radio Channel 5


Road conditions and park alerts

For the latest information on
road and park conditions,
closures and across all QLD
national parks.


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