So much to see... so much to do...

One thing's for certain, you'll never be short of things to see, do or discover in your Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

From the adventurous to the laid back, the contemplative to the gob smacked—there is something here for everyone.

Take a hike, peddle a bike, go for a drive, paddle a canoe or simply sit in reflective stillness as you listen to the forest’s ancient voice. Your Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is waiting for you to explore.

From the rugged peaks of Bartle Frere to the quiet mystery of the Daintree—the World Heritage Area is laced with trails, drives and waterways all offering unique experiences.

Meet a local...

Our breathtakingly beautiful forests are home to an incredible array of plants and animals. The canopy echoes with the cries of some of the world’s rarest birds. Fossicking in the undergrowth are shy, wide-eyed melomys—just one of the 12 mammal species found nowhere else in the world.

From the macro to the micro, from waterfalls to wetlands, you’ll be entranced and bewitched by the fascinating residents of a landscape as rich, complex and old as time itself.



Spend a night out under the stars...

While a wide range of accommodation can be found across the World Heritage Area (ranging from backpacker informality to pampered luxury) it's not until you spend a night out under the stars that you really begin to appreciate the magic and awesome wonder of the region. The World Heritage Area boasts some of the most stunning camping locations you'll find anywhere in the world—from scenic national parks to secluded private properties.

Place one foot in front of the other...

For those with a desire to get off the beaten track, you'll find a vast network of walking trails spread across the region. From short strolls and day walks through to overnight or multiple night hiking tracks, you'll find yourself in the very heart of this ancient landscape.

...spin your wheels...

There are an increasing number of cycling opportunities in and around the World Heritage Area, including several dedicated mountain biking areas (mostly in national parks). Opportunities range from family-friendly pathways to full-day rides through spectacular landscapes and challenging technical trails.

...or put yourself in gear...

Our region is vast so one of the best ways to explore it is to take a drive along some of the 600km of roads through the World Heritage Area. There are 40 scenic routes with an incredible array of waterfalls and picturesque views—most of these are easily accessed using a conventional vehicle. 


...but before you go, talk to those in the know!

You can't beat local knowledge and experience for pointing you in the right direction. Your Wet Tropics World Heritage Area abounds with tour operators, local guides and Wet Tropics Visitor Information Centres waiting to show you the way and share their love for this incredible World Heritage Area.


Welcome to your Wet Tropics World Heritage Area... enjoy!


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