The Australian World Heritage Gateway Project


The Wet Tropics Management Authority is contributing to regional efforts to promote north Queensland as Australia’s premiere nature-based tourism destination and to reinvigorate the tourism sector.

A major initiative we are championing is the establishment of a World Heritage Gateway Centre for Cairns.  

The aim of the Gateway is to provide a compelling, inspiring and engaging visitor experience that celebrates the region’s World heritage Areas in the wider regional and international context.

When built, it can provide a central point that celebrates the significant World Heritage values of the region, inspiring, engaging and educating visitors about the significant natural and cultural wonders that surround them. It has the potential to be a globally significant attraction for the region and Australia.

Through our efforts to present and promote the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, we provide ongoing benefits to tourism in the region by assisting to establish Cairns as the world’s leading nature-based tourism destination. 

EC3 Global were commissioned by the Wet Tropics Management Authority to explore the feasibility of a Gateway and have produced a report. For a summary report and prospectus  click here or the image above.


  • Encouraging visitor dispersal across the region by highlighting a range of attractions and opportunities;

  • Increasing visitation from identified target markets, particularly from the conservation, education and experience seeking markets;

  • Inspiring and engaging visitors and residents through development and display of our presentation and interpretative materials;

  • Linking business, places and knowledge of the environment into one cohesive story, particularly through our training and support of guides and operators in the field;

  • Providing mechanism to support the management and presentation of World Heritage Areas through our tourism network and project steering committees;

  • Act as a lead agency for the presentation of our natural and cultural heritage;

  • A reference point for operators and an education tool for visitors through our resources products and knowledge sources; and

  • To provide an avenue for agencies and businesses to connect to World Heritage places.


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