The incredibly rich biodiversity and history of our Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and its many vibrant and varied landscapes provide us with unique opportunities to present and promote discovery, understanding of and connection with this ancient international icon.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority (Wet Tropics) is committed to ensuring the universal understanding of the irreplaceable natural and cultural values of our World Heritage Area - actively facilitating opportunities for learning and discovery.

Wet Tropics produces a wide range of informative and engaging resources for visitors to the World Heritage Area, enabling them to find their way through this larger than life landscape, as well as learn about it's unique make up of plants, animals and history.

Whether its an overview of the World Heritage Area or detailed information about individual species, we harnesses the richness and complexity of this living learning landscape for everyone's enjoyment.

A celebration of place...

Wet Tropics also works closely with the tourism industry and the media to get the World Heritage Area 'out there'; celebrating this place of learning and discovery and the incredible work being done by its partners and community groups.

We are ensuring that tour operators in the region and even those who travel from other areas of Australia, have access to the most comprehensive information available on the World Heritage Area.

Wet Tropics works with Rainforest Aboriginal people to promote their Indigenous knowledge of the landscape and to ensure that their connections to and knowledge of the Wet Tropics landscape is appreciated.

Wet Tropics partners with scientific and educational institutions to ensure that information about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is available as learning resources for our youth.

The Rainforest Explorer is a key teacher resource used in schools and caters for teachers of years prep to 9. Wet Tropics also supports the Cairns Post's 'News in Education'; a lift out feature compiled by budding young writers.

Inspiring a new generation...

There is no end to the inspiration the World Heritage Area provides to visitors and communities living in the region.

The 'Keep it Wild' annual poster competition provides opportunities for youth to share their artistic skills and knowledge with the public. A calendar produced by the winning entries is a timely and monthly reminder from our young ambassadors about the importance of looking after our reef and rainforests.

Wet Tropics supports research and provides small research grants to students wishing to undertake relevant activities. Numerous reports have been produced by Wet Tropics and our research partners such as the James Cook University, and the Rainforest and Reef Research Centre.

Scientific and social research contributes enormously to our understanding of the natural and human dynamics of our complex and ancient landscape.

A knowledge foundation...

Visiting researchers from overseas also contribute to the wealth of knowledge on the World Heritage Area.

Of particular interest, is the link that Wet Tropics has to the international research community. Sharing information across international boundaries will help address challenges posed to Wet Tropics management agencies on climate change and biosecurity issues.

It has been said that you cannot appreciate until you understand - you cannot understand until you discover - the Wet Tropics is working in partnership to promote this rich and diverse learning landscape - ensuring the World Heritage values of our region touch and shape the lives of all who encounter its ancient wonder.


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