Championing the Wet Tropics National Landscapes program

Why is the Wet Tropics Management Authority part of the National Landscapes program?

The Wet Tropics Management Authority has been a key champion of the Commonwealth government’s National Landscapes program, which provides a highly conducive partnership framework for aligning the interests of tourism, conservation and Indigenous groups to achieve shared aspirations for sustainable tourism in areas showcasing the best of Australia’s nature. 

It accords well with our strategic focus on supporting the development of a sustainable nature-based tourism industry which is committed to ensuring the highest standards of best presentation of the natural and cultural values of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area.

Accordingly, Wet Tropics Management Authority has sought to lead the regional effort to have the Wet Tropics region as one of Australia’s 15 National Landscapes.

We are motivated to do this to ensure that maximum community, industry and conservation benefits flow from the management of our World Heritage Area including outstanding visitor experiences, awareness of the special values and conservation needs as well as the opportunity to learn of the deep spiritual and cultural connections of Rainforest Aboriginal people to the Wet Tropics region.

The Steering Committee and Reference Group

Essential to the success of the program is stakeholder collaboration: tourism organisations and operators working with protected area agencies, local councils, conservation groups, government and indigenous communities.

The Program challenges participants to work together and ‘think big’, leveraging their marketing funds and ideas toward a common benefit.

The Reference Group’s membership balances tourism and environmental expertise and currently made up of representation from the following organizations: 

  • Regional Tourism Organizations (Tourism Tropical North Queensland / Townsville Enterprise)
  • James Cook University
  • Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service
  • The Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
  • Gulf Savannah Tourism Network
  • Daintree Coast

For more information: Terms of Reference (TOR) Wet Tropics National Landscapes


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